Design your own bed or futon

Handcrafted comfort, quality, and style.

We specialize in custom bedding and covers made with high quality fabrics and natural materials such as organic cotton and wool. For covers, we carry over a hundred different fabrics including Japanese printed cottons, European printed tapestries, and solid color sateens made from 100% cotton that do not fade from wash.


Futon serve as an eco-friendly alternative to mattresses and many people find them to be more comfortable and supportive for their backs. Our futon are highly durable and made from natural, high quality materials such as cotton, wool, and natural shiki foam. Futon come in different sizes and you can choose the number of layers for your preferred level of softness or firmness.


Our handcrafted wooden frames are made to order from your choice of four different types of wood: Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut. Our frames are built to last and are ideal for living rooms, offices, and guest rooms.


Our custom-made wooden platform beds are made with FAS-grade hardwood and designed to be used with Japanese tatami mats, but they can also be used with regular mattresses and boxsprings. We offer four different styles in most standard and custom sizes. 


Our tatami mats are approximately 2.25" thick, made with 100% straw covered in woven reed. They can be used with our tatami platform beds, directly on top of the floor, or they can be used as flooring itself. If you need help with sizing or room layout, please contact us.