Home Accessories

Style and simplicity to make a house feel like home.



We have a wide assortment of Japanese home goods from lighting and storage to dining, serving, and decor.


Divide or partition off a space in your room with a shoji screen, a room divider made from materials such as wood, bamboo, and paper. 

Tansu are Japanese wooden storage chests that come in different styles. Our step tansu are a customer favorite. We also carry antique furniture and home items from Japan and Korea. 


We carry many unique lamps and lanterns, including a large collection of shoji lanterns (tabletop, floor, ceiling, and other styles).


Decorate your walls with a beautiful Chinese embroidery painting, scroll, calligraphy artwork. We also have decorative wall hangings, original oil paintings, and art prints on canvas.

 Hang noren over your doorways for a decorative touch or to partition off adjacent rooms.

 One of the easiest ways to update your living room is to change up your pillows and throws. We carry many different throw pillows in standout colors and designs, and we also have cozy throw blankets. Our decorative bolster pillows give a streamlined, designer look to sofas and couches. 


A tabletop water fountain adds a calm, soothing flowing water element that brings good energy into your space. Our mini zen gardens are a fun addition to any room or office. Place one on your desk to distract you from stress or boredom.

We have many different flower vases for ikebana flower arrangement. We also have a wide assortment of wooden display stands and easels for vases, plant pots, and decorative bowls and plates.

We have a large collection of beautiful Buddha and Kuanyin statues and figurines from different countries throughout East and Southeast Asia. 


In Japan, it is common for a house to have a washitsu, or room covered with tatami mat flooring and filled with little to no furniture except for a low table and floor cushions. There are many ways to sit on the floor more comfortably for your back and your body. Our zaisu adjustable folding floor chair is a popular option, and you can have a custom cover made from our large collection of fabrics. We also have wooden floor chairs and traditional zabuton floor pillows, as well as antique wooden stools and benches.


We sell high quality Japanese dishware and tableware in gift sets and by individual piece. We have bowls, plates, cups, sake sets, sake cups, serving trays, bento boxes, chopsticks, chopstick rests, and other accessories. We also have a nice selection of teapots, tea cups, tea mugs, and other tea accessories. Our dish sets make a great housewarming or host/hostess gift.


For your patio, garden, or front porch, we have stone garden statues, windchimes, and colorful rainbow wind wheel spinners and other eye-catching garden stakes.