Koh Incense

What makes koh incense special?

Each stick of koh incense is made from a mixture of natural gums and resins from precious woods and floral ingredients, along with other organic raw materials. This allows the incense to burn pure - unlike most incense you'll find which burn smoke from a wooden base dipped in fragrance materials.


The 10 Virtues of KOH

It brings communication with the transcendent.

It purifies mind and body.

It removes uncleanliness.

It keeps one alert.

It can be a companion in the midst of solitude.

In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace.

When it is plentiful, one never tires of it.

When there is little, still one is satisfied.

Age does not change its efficacy.

Used everyday, it does no harm.


History of Incense

The use of incense dates back to biblical times and may have originated in Egypt, where aromatic trees were imported from Arabia to be used in religious ceremonies.

Brought to Japan in the 8th century by Buddhist monks who used the mystical aromas in their religious ceremonies, "Koh", as incense is called in Japanese, passed into the realm of the aristocracy centuries later as a source of amusement and enlightenment as they "listened to the fragrance" in their parlor games.

It wasn't until the 14th century in the Muromachi Era that incense reached the height of its popularity with the upper and middle classes of Japanese society, who used it as a mark of distinction and sophistication and to dispel unpleasant odors. It was around this time that samurai warriors began perfuming their helmets and armor with incense before going into battle as they prepared to meet their fate.

In the early 18th century, Rokubei Moritsune Hata began incorporating incense-making techniques he learned as an employee of Kyoto's Imperial Palace. He would eventually introduce a new world of scent to an audience beyond the realm of royalty. 

Now, incense promises to become even more acceptable and desirable as a new dimension in gracious living that opens up a whole new world of spiritual awareness and understanding.